Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

GAMEBOY Devkit ben0bi Edition

I downloaded the Gameboy devkit and played around with it like here.
In the developing process, there were some stuff downloaded which I included in the original devkit.

Here are the downloads: from Mirror 1 (Onedrive) from Mirror 2 (Homeserver)

And here is what you get for it (copied from README.txt):

First of all, you need to call do.path in every new terminal window, else the paths are not defined. Call it like that: . do.path in your gbdk-root directory. (NOT ./do.path)

Please look also at this post, my friend SneezyCerritus got all out of an old Gameboy Color.

+ gbdk-doc downloaded from (If you can redeem 8.8Mb for the Nintendo Manual,  you can do that with this 50kb for sure.)

+ A shell script to set the path for GBDKDIR. Please change this to your own path.
    + do.path ->    Call it with: ". do.path" because "./do.path" will not
            set the variable globally.

+ RGBDS (compiled and source) for fixing the code to run on real GameBoy hardware.

+ Some PDF-resource.
    + GBCPUman.pdf             -> GameBoy CPU Manual by some people from the internet.
                        This one contains some tips and tricks.
    + gb_programming_manual.pdf    -> Original document by Nintendo.
                        I have no idea where I found this.
                        Biggest file of the whole compilation. ;)

+ A tile editor for LibreOffice: assets/ben0bis_GB_TileEditor.
    + And a font created with it, spread over several files in the assets/new folder.
    + Also as zip-file if you do something wrong.

+ New code from myself in the ben0bi-folder with some shell-scripts to automate.
    + ben0bi/credits    -> Credits of this whole project.     (Not finished yet)
    + ben0bi/IRremote    -> An IR remote for your TV.         (Not finished yet)

+ Some shell scripts from myself and updated Makefiles to use with libraries. (multiple .o-files)
    Look in the subfolders of the ben0bi-folder:
    + Makefile    -> the original one from the examples does not work properly.
    + do.all    -> calls all the other do-files and starts the game after compiling.
                It uses VisualBoy Advance (vba) as emulator, please install it.
    + do.compile     -> calls "make clean" and then "make"
    + do.fix    -> fixes the file to use on real GameBoy-Hardware.

        You need to set the proper filename/s in all of this files.

+ New Examples, stolen from the internet:
    + examples/burlyGBC_src    ->    a little game where you are a bear.
                I learned how to use graphics with that one.
                Contains the original tile editor tiles17.xlsx
    + examples/IR        ->    contains some source to use the IR sensor.
                (code not used yet.)

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