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Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017

microSD-Card Holder for Metal Swatch.

So, you have this cool Swatch-watch and don't know how to move that mechanical stuff to the next millenium? You ever wanted to be a spy or something? Then this is for you...

This is a spy-style microSD-card holder for the "Swatch Sistem Boreal YIS401G" and other watches with the same metal wrist, created on and printed with a Dremel 3D-printer.
(Don't worry, the link for the TinkerCAD model is at the bottom of this post.)

First I wanted to make a round inner part which can be turned to open it. But this would not fit in.
So I made a "cheap and dirty" rectangular inner part better than I thought.

The microSD-card locks the inner part from falling out. But it does fall out easily if it is "unlocked".

The outer part fits into the latch of the metal wrist, it can be "clicked in"...
After some trial-and-error 3D-prints I had the right end product, which properly "locks" and "unlocks" and fits into place at all. 

As you can see here, it does not fit exactly when you wear the watch. But there is no less comfort for me, and it is almost invisible. If I had used 3dMax or such, that would be no problem to fix. ;)

Back: Almost invisible
Front + Seen from the hand to the head.
 And here's some sWatch-Porn:

I hope you like it. Here is the TinkerCad-model.

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  1. Schöne neue Swatch! Bist jetzt unter die Spione gegangen? Würd ja gern was über mein Wordpress-Account hier posten, doch es kommt eine Nachricht in Rot Deine OpenID-Bereichtigungen konnten nicht verifiziert werden. Hmm. Gruss elbula

    1. Sags blogspot. Ich habe keine OpenID. Vielleicht muss man wo auf "Standard Account" oder so klicken? Wasweissich... :) Gruss Okeli Wan Ben0beli

  2. Antworten
    1. Das ist ein mikroSD-Kartenhalter für ins Metallband rein. Wenn man das Teil innen rumschiebt, kann man mit der SDKarte den Innenteil sperren. Fällt aber gut raus wenn mans entsperrt. So habe ich meine Daten immer bei mir, obwohl ich "nur" eine rein mechanische Uhr habe. Just for Fun.